Guess what? My mum wants my blog to be more informative. So i decided to talk about a topic I’m passionate about which is OVERPOPULATION. So here it goes:

The Overpopulation situation:

There are many problems that affect the world today. I believe that overpopulation is one of them. Over the years scientists have noticed the rapid growth of the world’s population. As us typical human beings we are oblivious to the fact that this change is happening in our society. Many of us think that overpopulation is nothing to worry about. However, overpopulation has made a huge impact on the environment. Overpopulation has increased by a number of reasons. One of them is the rise in birth rate. The reason being is that the medicine that some people use today can boost their reproductive system. People who lack education are failing to understand the fundamental facts on how to prevent rapid population growth. They are also unaware of the harmful effects that overpopulation is causing towards the environment. Therefore, overpopulation is a major threat for the future generation.

How the environment is treated by Overpopulation:

Overpopulation has affected the environment by a number of reasons. Since there are more people in the world, there are more cars on the road. These cars releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere that traps the heat and light from the sun in the atmosphere, this is called global warming. Overuse of the world’s resources was hardly an issue before. Since there are approximately six billion people in the world, there are approximately six billion mouths to feed, six billion bodies to clothe and six billion people to house. If six billion people don’t recycle properly they are harming the areas and killing life that lives in the areas they have polluted. If six billion people overfish we are damaging the food chain and we are risking the possibility that fish will eventually run out. If six billion people have too much children we are making more people who will litter and harm the environment that us typical human beings do. Thus, we need to think more carefully in how we treat the environment.

How should we stop Overpopualtion:

Overpopulation has done enough to the environment and we need to stop it. We can reduce the number of people by better family planning, raising the living standards and birth control. Better family planning is a good way to reduce the number of people in developed countries. The reason behind this is that if people in developed countries plan better for their families it will decrease the possibility of more people in a developed country. Raising the living standards is another way to lower the population in developing countries. This is a way that will help the developing countries turn into a developed country. If we do raise the living standards in developing countries the government will subsidise a house for you which is good because many people in developing countries are homeless. Birth control is a common way that people use so that they could no longer have children. I personally think that we want poor countries to improve their economic situation and a better way of family living. Then we want rich countries to consume less of the resources and lower the quality of life. Therefore, we need to balance the quality of life between the poor and the rich at the same time, rather than making the people suffer from overpopulation.

What does the future hold if Overpopulation is not stopped:

In the future, if overpopulation is not solved there is a chance that there will be war between developing and developed countries. The reason being is that in developing countries there are lots of land and fewer resources. However, in developed countries there are lots of resources and less land. This could lead to a possible negotiation between the two different countries about the needs of the people in the two countries. We do not want that to happen. Since global warming is causing ice burgs to melt and this will lead to the rise in sea levels. The rise in sea levels might make the countries sink and then we might get eaten by the sea creatures .Therefore, we need to solve overpopulation before it ruins the lives of us, human beings.

The One Child Policy:

In China the government has enforced a new law which is the one child policy. The name basically speaks for itself; people in China are only allowed to have one child. They have enforced this law because of the number of people living in China. However, there are a few exceptions about this law; people in rural areas are allowed two children and if you’re a visitor living in China you may choose to follow the law or not. Ever since this law has started a hate for female infants began. Some Chinese women who find out that they’re having a baby girl choose to abort, neglect, abandon, and even infanticide (a killing of infants). Reports say that in South Western Guangxi Autonomous Region of China, policemen were forcing pregnant women without permission to give birth to have an abortion or face a really hefty fine. Hence forth, people in China are regulated to follow this law or they would have to face the police.

So thats pretty much it I hope that you enjoyed reading my informative writing. LMAO. Btw this would be the first and last time I will ever write like this again.

P.S Mum I know you’re reading this so I suggest you stop reading!!!!

Luv ya



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